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Celebrating 30 years of

The Stonesouls…For A Second

30 years ago a sea change in the music industry turned into a supernova with the release of this young band’s 2nd LP. The first one established them as a pop-punk-lo-fi force, but it was the second one that really made them a legend. With big guitars, big drums, a too-tall for the room bassist, a love of John Lennon, Iggy Pop and The Knack, with a heavy dose of teen angst, the sound was unlike anything else anybody had heard. There would be MANY bands to follow in their footsteps, but of course there is only one The Stonesouls. Happy 30th to The Stonesouls…For A Second.

The Band

“You all know the drill, when your number is called step forward and repeat the phrase you were given, understand?” Left to right: Luke Wampler, Eric Leland, AJ Schaefer, Adam Leland.

The Album

Stonesouls…For A Second was released in September 1991, the same time as Nirvana’s Nevermind and Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic. I wonder what ever happened to those bands?